Consultancy Services

iOSConsultancy is one of the leading iOS platform consultants in the UK. We offer a wide variety of services including contracted development on iOS, ASP.NET and much more!

We also offer a range of training courses for the iOS platform as well as many other services including web hosting through our child company AlwayzOn!

This page will give you details about some of our many great services! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch through our Contact Us page.

  • iOS Development of New Apps, Existing Apps and Frameworks
  • ASP.NET MVC C# Development of Web API's
  • System Architecture to link mobile with server side
  • Consultancy on the iOS Platform
  • iOS Development Training
  • Much more!

Industry Leading Software Packages to Aid Development

iOSConsultancy strongly believes communication with clients is key! We employ the use of several industry leading applications to allow clients to see exactly the state of there project!

We use JIRA to track ongoing tasks in projects, as well as using it to estimate completion dates of phases on projects!

We also use Freshbooks the worlds #1 cloud accounting platform to manage invoices and payments to ensure our clients are never out of pocket!

We use ScheduleOnce to allow clients to book exactly when they would like us to work on there projects!

For source control, we use BitBucket which is a hosted Git system. You dont need to understand how Git works, we can either send you regular builds, the latest source code, or both! Its up to you - after all its your code!

Kyle Tomson

CEO, Mobile Education Store

Matt Casey has been doing work for me on and off for the last 4 years.  He has been an invaluable partner from the very start. I have worked with him on everything from small changes to existing apps to creating new apps from scratch. He is hard working and very skilled at what he does.

Probably the best part of working with him is his ability to think for himself.  I have never felt the need to micro-manage him.  I can give him a project with vague instructions, and he has the sense to ask me the right questions to fill in the blanks.  

This alone makes him enjoyable to work with.I would recommend Matt to anybody looking for a top notch iOS programming contractor.

 June 2013

We will imagine and innovate, or follow detailed instructions!

Matt Francis

CEO, Knovial LLC

Matthew is an amazing developer and worked with me on many projects related to mobile project management, e-commerce, reporting, and analytics. He is a great developer and person to work with.


June 2013

Platform Promise

iOSConsultancy is always looking to the future, and actively supports you to do the same! 

On iOS, a new operating system is released roughly once a year, and we aim to adopt the new operating system during its beta period so we are ready for the public launch! We strongly encourage making your apps adopt the new technologies in the latest version of Apple's iOS platform!

We can also cater to legacy operating systems, platforms and devices!

iOS Development Training

We offer a range of options to teach you how to develop on iOS! We believe the best way to learn is one-to-one training with a professional developer. We will work solely with you and teach you how to program on the iOS platform, requiring no previous programming experience! 

That has to be better than learning from a book, right?

Mitchell Edwards

Managing Director, Factor 1 Property Management Ltd

The web site designed by iOSConsultancy has been an astounding success and has allowed us to project ourselves not only in a more professional manner but has highlighted our main attributes... great customer service and value for money.  Delighted with the outcome of working with iOSConsultancy and more than happy to recommend iOSConsultancy to any potential client requiring a web site that is not only excellent and distinctive but has stye and design that makes it standout from the rest. A great job! Thanks to all at

January 2014