Calendar of Work

We like to keep our clients as up to date as possible with our availability. To that end, on this page you can find availability sheets for the current month and the next. This does not reflect work hat has been booked by clients. This serves only to give an illustration of which days in the month can be booked. For up to the minute availability, please check our scheduling system by clicking the button to the right.

Green Regions

We are all systems go during these times! We are fully available to work and eager to be working on your project during these times! These times get booked up quickly, so check out when we have available by clicking the button at the top of the page.

Yellow Regions

We will work if required, although these should only be used if no green regions are available. If you would like us to work on these days, all usual discounts can still be used.

These tend to be at weekends and on public holidays.

Orange Regions

These are kept for emergency's only. During these times, you will receive no discounts on work carried out (with no exceptions).

This is also the default region for all work after 8pm and before 8am every day.

Red Regions

These are not available under any circumstances. This will only be the case if we are away and have no computer access.

 We should still have infrequent email access if you absolutely have to get hold of us during these times.

Terms & Conditions - Nothing Major - Just the boring stuff!

We reserve the right to change our availability at any time. The availability on this screen does not reflect blocks of work that have already  been booked. This page should be used only as a guide to show you availability for the month.

You will receive no discount on work carried out in Orange Regions. This includes any block booking discounts, client loyalty discounts or any other promotional offers.